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The Rise of Serato


We’ve said it before, there is simply no denying that the music industry is changing. Nothing is absent of change though, the world is constantly evolving, so this should not be a surprise. However like everything else in this technological age, things are changing quickly and dramatically. Advents in computer software has given rise to programs like Serato that have entirely unearthed the foundation of record labels. Adults and kids alike can change their music like they would in a studio from the comfort of their home. Not to mention the high quality recording equipment that has flooded the marketplace and allowed for people to record studio quality music, and then mix and enhance it all on their own. I think however the biggest change that has hit the industry is the rise in Electric music.

Generation DJ

The availability of these music producing technologies like Serado coupled with social media outlets has given young kids resources that was once only available to record label artist with managers and distribution agreements. Now someone can make a hit and overnight distribute it to millions of people and be famous within a few short weeks, just ask Justin Bieber.¬†But the real interesting thing is not artist like Justin Bieber, but the DJ community that has taken rise from these technological advancements. These people’s craft is not to create original songs or tracks, but to curate music by using a compilation of other musicians songs and beats, effectively making their own song. This is not to say that they don’t create their own music, in fact they do, but they leverage a lot of what has already been created, and make it their own. Almost like a chef who reinvents a classic dish.

This curation of music has become extremely popular, and has taken over the music scene. Dubstep and other genres are a result of this dj phenomenon. Anyone with access to these relatively inexpensive technologies and capable of putting in time and effort can become a hit, considering they can make good music. There is no saying exactly what music will look like in the future, but it will certainly be in the hands of individuals, and not studios to determine what the music scene looks like.

If you have longed to be part of the music scene, now is your chance. Build up your social media following and drop some of your hard work onto this outlets and build a fan base. If you can’t afford some of the more expensive software utilize what’s free. There are tons of free options out there that can do more than recording studios could do 8 years ago. With that being said, there is a ton of competition out there so make sure that your stuff is one of a kind.