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The Importance of Music

music-is-healingWhat is music? What is it’s importance?  I will describe the importance I find it to have on myself and others. Music can be shared and it can be personal. It has the power to transform dark into light.

Music is expression. Through sound tone, and vibration, it expresses emotions, feelings, and ideas. Music can be harmonious or disruptive. Music has the intense ability to strongly influence people, their emotions, their state of mind, and how they socially bond. Music is powerful. Musical is beautiful. What is music to you?

I strongly believe in and connect with sound. Sounds and vibrations lure out the deep, hidden emotions from within. Nature is music and one of the first forms of music I listened to and found soothing. Each tree, animal, insect play their own instrument. Nature was my connection to music. The vibratory sound it put out intrigued and excited me. I wanted to recreate what I heard with objects I found at our house.

Sound is healing. Being music is sound, music can be extremely healing. It is said that *”music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function”.

There is a very non invasive technique, melodic intonation therapy, that is often used to help those with communication disorders, or those with damage the left hemisphere of their brain. It is said that we use the left hemisphere of the brain for speech. Research has shown that speech and singing are stored in different areas of the brain. It’s main goal is to generate speech from singing by engaging the non damaged side and influencing it to stimulate the damaged side. So from music comes speech! Incredible isn’t it.

Sound and patterns of frequency can enhance learning, development and over well being. The ability to transfer how someone learns or to what degree, how they feel and develop is outstanding and, like I mentioned before, powerful. Musicians and talented singers, or sound creators are able to promote the well being of themselves and others. Music is an art form. An art form of expression. It is a connection with more than that we only see with our vision. It is a deep rooted connection to what else there is.

As an artist, I feel so fortunate to love communicating through music.  I have barely tapped into the depths that I am able to visit with sound.  I loo forward to impacting others and being impacted by others music. I hope you do to.