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Arizona Summer Shows


I did not get an opportunity to check out a lot of shows last year so I have made it a point to check out at least 20 shows this year to make up for my lack of being a fan last year. I have not been as diligent in this effort as I need to be if I really want to hit my goal, but I did at least make it out to Phoenix lights this year to see one of my favorite DJs perform, Kaskade. Phoenix Lights 2016 was lit, and I totally recommend checking it out next year if you get the chance, or better yet if you decide to make the time. My friend who has been a promoter in Phoenix for over a decade now got three of our closes friends VIP tickets to the event and it was unbelievable. I’ve been to my fair share of shows and this one certainly lived up to the hype. Kaskade, DJ Snake, and Yellow Claw were all nuts and the energy of the crowd was crazy. It was constant good vibes and positive energy throughout the entire show and no performer missed a beat. My friend also had the hook up with a couple local clubs after the show and¬†an Arizona limousine service (www.phxlimoservice.com) that made the night that much better. ¬†Definitely recommend spending the extra $50+ for VIP and all the extra amenities that make the night one to remember. We actually had the limo take us to a couple spots where some of the performers were having an after party so that definitely added to the night.

I don’t normally splurge on VIP tickets or party buses or anything like that, and have been known to be stingy in the past with my money, and sneak into a show or two. This type of show going is respected and fun, but when you level up and really experience all that the show has to offer you understand why people pay for it. VIP is certainly not overrated, take your game up guys, that next level beats the hell out of watching the show from outside the gate. Much respect to the die hard fans that make it out to shows like they have season tickets, but honestly you don’t understand how good a show can be it you treat yourself. I definitely recommend some sort of chauffeur service too, the limo was lit, and plus there was room for a couple new friends we met at the show. Having someone drive you around is boss and plus you don’t have to worry about drinking, and I’m not referring to an Uber here guys…step your game up!

If you missed this years Phoenix Lights here are a couple other opportunities to catch some good shows this summer. You will be sure to catch me at a few, I still have a long way to go till I hit my goal.

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