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Strhess Festival


Familiar with the Strhess Festival?  Well if not let’s talk about it. It was a great point in time for Fight Paris.

Originating in July 2004, the Strhess Festival, sponsored by Derek Hess and his clothing line Strhess Clothing, became an annual event featuring punk and metal artists. The second annual Strhess Tour in the summer of 2005, featured headliner Bleeding Through with support from several punk bands and rock stars, including Fight Paris. It began in Philadelphia and ended in Tennessee.

It was a big year for Fight Paris. They had two new tracks posted by Trustskill Records that were released right before there big tour and performance with Bleeding Nose in the Strhess Festival.

There are the moments when the work you’ve put forward comes to fruition and you play on the connections and work you’ve done and made.  The Strhess Tour for Fight Pairs was one of those moments.

A little about the creator of the tour that helped to expose Fight Paris to more people that love punk, rock and metal.

Derek Hess, inspired by music and an innovator in the art world, he set out to create. ANd that he did. Derek soon became the poster child for many music icons. By poster child, I mean he created band posters, CD covers and more. He went on to create his own clothing line, and eventually the Strhess Tour, which we speak of today. The Festival became a gathering of art and music that set out to share and inspire many.

Although today, the tour no longer exists, Derek Hess does. The Strhess Tour was art created in motion by the very talented Hess himself.

I am inspired by music. Fight Paris was talented and an inspiration, as is Derek Hess himself.  Thanks to creators an doers. Many people enjoy the fruits of the efforts. Today is one to recognize and thank these artists.