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Street Music

wrench-988762_1920Wrench Art..What?!

This is a really cool story. I love inspirational people that think out of the box. That is my Uncle Dar.  Tempe plumber by day, music creator by night.  He has his own plumbing company, which he’s had for years. His daughter, my cousin, is a teacher and wanted to create am art project for her kids to do as a team.  Good Old Uncle Dar. His idea…..I’ll get some tools together for you to use and have the kids make instruments.  Then get em’ all to participate in playing their instruments.

The AHA! That’s what Staci (teacher/cousin) did.  She kept it simple and had 2 instruments that the kids would make. She went beyond just the art project. Or the art project went beyond the original idea. Inspiration is powerful.

  1. Xylophone made out of wrenches and egg cartons! Seriously.

Instructions: Get a set of wrenches and an empty egg carton. Flip the carton upside down and insert the wrenches horizontally between the carton slots. Get a couple of spoons and play away!

2. Hanging Pipes Chimes. PVC Pipes with little holes drilled at the top (Uncle Dar helped a little). String fishing line into the holes and hang. Get a wooden stick and play away!

So the kids got together and made these instruments, which they get to take home at the end of the year. They created them with their hands as their art project and then created sound art when they played. She captured creation in multiple forms. She created the experience with her students. Each student was able to work with themselves and then with others for the full project to happen. So so cool.

Now the even better part. She has them practice on their instruments together two times a week…why? Because they are putting on a show for their parents in December!! How fricken awesome is that! They love it! They are learning and loving it! This kind of stuff makes me so stoked on life.

Teaching kids, the most influential human beings, how to create, feel, communicate and listen, all while they are having fun. That is a real teacher. Staci T., you are doing an awesome job! She took a suggestion and turned it into something bigger. These kids will always remember her and this particular project.

So many things today are off to me in today’s world. Creation is not longer really promoted. The appreciation of sound, not shared, not taught. Or at least as much as it should be given the value of the art. These people, who happen to be related to me, took something a went with it to make something powerful. It are these moments and these people that need to recognized for the better of the whole.

Right on guys! Right on kids! Right on me:)!

Just FYI…there are a lot of instruments that can be made with used materials and tools. This could be a awesome art project for your kid at home, nephew, niece, friend, whoever. Google it and check out what some people have done.  Or better yet, experiment and play around. That’s just as fun. Learn how your mind works and figure out how to problem solve. Sh** this is an awesome project for anyone.