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Red Rocks Ampitheater

A group of us will be headed out to Colorado this summer, 2017, and visiting Colorado’s infamous Red Rock Amphitheater. We are planning a summer bash road trip, traveling through Colorado and then down through Texas. Last year Phoenix was the jam, this year we are traveling new. We are just a bunch of musicians gathering to share and experience music and nature. We have a large RV that will house 6 off us as we travel, play, listen, and enlist others to do the same. We have a couple of big shows in Colorado at the Red Rocks and then we will explore and camp. Denver will be stop one, The plan is to start off in West Colorado, aka ‘the western slope’, by the locals. We will hit  Breckenridge, Telluride, and Aspen and see what it’s all about in the summer. Next off to Morrison to hit up the Red Rocks, and then off to Texas. Texas we all know local artists that we are going to collaborate with. I’m sure there will be some bigger shows we will see too, but Texas is about the local boys.

Located only 10 miles outside of Denver this open air atmosphere is world famous for both the artists and bands that perform there, as well as the nature of the natural location. The amazing outdoor rock structure houses musicians and bands from all over, inviting the masses to experience concerts surrounded by Red Rocks.

We have a 3 day pass for Wide Spread Panic, which is now sold out, and then will stay on to see the beautiful Lauren Hill. Although we are rockers at heart, no one can deny that Lauren Hill is a female beast and beauty, all in one.

Many portions of our trip will be streamed live for so that people from their backyards can be with us in spirit. We want to create a movement of freedom and music.

Our plan is to document the trip. Zac is our writer friend who write about our experience. We are making a statement this trip and want people to join us on our journey from afar. We want to see how many social followers we can get, starting from 0, as this will all be launched on the day of Departure, May 31, 2017.

Let the Journey soon begin. Stay tuned for more info….and a pic of the bad ass RV!