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Not Just A Radio Show…


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I was listening to the radio while on my daily commute this morning.  A few good songs played back to back and then the hosts of the radio show answered the phone to a live caller.  The man calling in was simply calling  to share his personal story of how music and this radio station had helped bring him back from the depths of depression.  I was automatically captivated and began to listen to this mans story.  Upon hearing it I had to share it with others, for the mere fact that it is inspiring and a good wake up call on what we deem as important in life.

It started with him getting in an accident and hurting himself to the point of not being able to walk or move without pain.  He soon lost his job as he was unable to work and became addicted to pain pills, because he basically needed them to survive.  Or so he thought.   His wife left him after a year or so because she couldn’t handle the constant pain he was in, the mood swings surrounding his pain and also his dependence on the pain pills.  He was at the lowest of lows.  He was in the deepest depression of his life and all he wanted was his sanity and happiness back.. He used to be an active guy who loved doing things, spending time with his now broken up family, and just simply enjoying life.  

One day he started listening to the same radio show as I was and began laughing at some of the hosts humor and on air talk.  He hadn’t laughed in what felt like decades.  He began tuning in on a daily basis because he felt that the hosts quirky banter and the music they played produced a calming effect on him and made him feel more alive and happier.  Slowly he began getting the motivation to travel to physical therapy and start the long painful route of gaining his life back.  He worked very hard always with music playing at his therapy sessions and also starting his day with the said radio show.  Slowly he began to get stronger.  He started weening off the pain medication and using natural alternatives when the pain was severe.  But at the same time the pain started to lessen and lessen the stronger he became.  His mind frame changed and he began feeling the joy of living and the urge to be able to dance again.

The man continued to state that he is still not completely 100% pain free and that he definitely has his off days, but with the help of the radio station and the music it plays he has found the will and fight to get happy and healthy again and stay that way.

He said he had called simply to thank the two hosts for putting on a great show and to remind people that there is a healing power in music and laughter.

The hosts of the show were deeply touched and thanked him over and over for his call into the station.  They wished him well and invited him to call back at anytime especially on his toughest days.

Listening to this heartfelt story and the simplicity of what a funny soul and great music can do made me appreciate life a little more.  We are all human invested in the empowerment of each other.  We lose sight of it sometimes, I know I do.  But the story I heard gave me hope for myself and those out there ever feeling down and out.