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MTV Music Awards 2016

This years MTVVideo Music Awards (VMA’s) took place on Sunday, September 4, 2016. This years viewers dropped again, from 10 million last year to 6.5 million this year. Although Facebook streaming (up over 900%) and day after streaming (up over 70%) were both up, the overall live view was down dramatically. This is why I write today…well and to talk about some of the performances from the known music stars. The change in the industry. Although it is just TV, it shows a major change in the way things happen today versus yesterday. This change has an overall impact on more than just the loss or gain of Video Music Award Viewers.

Topic One: The Changing Industry.

Knowing that the way the industry has done things for decades is no longer the same, sheds light on the fact that much is changing and we must change with it to stay in the game, or be part of the new one. Where people are watching, how they watch or listen, when they watch and listen, are all indicators of a new trend. Those that do watch, are they the audience that listens to the music? The sponsors that pay for commercials, are paying for less views. There is a major shift going on and to stay competitive and know it’s important to be aware of this shift.

Topic Two: Performances.

I know Beyonce is an artist, however I have never quite been a fan of the Diva. Her music usually doesn’t have a harmonious flow to it, again in my opinion. I would like to note that I was very impressed with her performance at the VMA’s. It was deep, energetic and engaging. She obviously had an immense amount of feelings involved. Her performance was one that touched home for her (must watch to know to see) and she portrayed it both beautifully and artistically through her sound, her lyrics, and her performance.

Brittney Spears. I commend Brittney and her fight for where she’s at. Without knowing her she seems to have been through a lot. And she was on the 2016 Music Awards. Girls kept her presence around. However her performance lacked. Whether nerves were part of it, or the lack of stage presence, she was a bit off. My motto is imperfect action, so she still gets the good to go from me.

Rhianna. Influential Artist. The girls got talent. Her movement skills and the variety of songs she moved through throughout her performance show her talent and her influence. She is a power to be reckoned with and an icon in the making.

Did you watch them on TV? Did you stream them? Check them out regardless, just curious if they were your Sunday night couch watch or what.