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Many of you have probably heard of Fight Paris and remember them from the not so long ago past.  For those that are unfamiliar, they were southern rock/punk band out of Atlanta, GA, full of high energy and great rock music performed with a southern edge. We are not the band, but we enjoyed their music and felt so inclined to be inspired by their rise and fall, like many of those in the music industry. The industry if competitive and full of change, making “making it” and “surviving it” challenging. Our site will discuss many topics on music and the industry. Whether we are inspired by a band, or inspired to tell a story, we will produce written words of music. Why? We find music is a key to life. A key to expression. An art. And we love it.

Phase 1: Music is our life and defines most everything about us, and we’re talking about all music. We come from a punk rock background but we appreciate all genres of music. Music is art, freedom, and scientifically proven to heal. Regardless of what style of music you like, there is no denying that everyone loves music of some form.

We really appreciate music here and we would love to share it with others. Stay posted for news and updates regarding shows, news and more.