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The Changing Industry

music industryOf how the music industry has changed throughout the years.  My last post on Auto Tune, is one way the industry has changed.  How music is distributed and how people find your music are probably the biggest has changes that have occurred.  Record labels are no longer what you have to do to be known.  CD’s and audio tapes are not what people put on during their cruise to work, to grab grub, or to hit the gym. It’s Streaming. Streaming music is huge and been a big player in the shift of the industry.  So big in fact that the business model in which you sell your music or get yourself found needs to change with it.  If you had a friend or relative in the industry 20 years ago versus today, efforts to be known or market yourself, your music as a business are undeniably, absolutely different.

How have these changes affected artists? How will they change the nature of the industry completely? Is this a bad thing?

So many questions, thoughts to turn over in your mind, and new ways to get yourself out there to share your music.

We say don’t get to hung up on no longer what is. Or if there is even money or an ability to make it.  Yes, you can make it. Yes you can be known for your art delivered to the ears on individuals across the world. How you get there, how you make it, and the efforts you put forth are what are different. Knowing this and understanding this is what will set you apart. Today’s musicians cannot just focus on their skill of sound, but must be savvy on the business side of things and the marketing side of things to truly be successful.

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Local Arizona Bands (Katastro)

Arizona has birthed a lot of talent in the music scene and most recently we have seen our very own Katastro take to the big stage with bands like Iration, Rebulution, Soja, Slightly Stoopid and more. These hometown Arizona boys have come a long way to get where they’re at and have made the Arizona music scene super proud.

Much Love Katastro!