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Arizona Hometown Bands


Local bands bred in the Arizona desert. In a past post we through out some recognition to Katastro, a band formed in Chandler, AZ. Today we want to name a few other talented musicians that were birthed in the Grand Canyon State.

More times than not, fans will know of a band but not where they originated from. I’m sure there are a few more great collaborators making killer music in a garage, that soon will come to light. I’d like to take a moment a recognize a few talented artists I know of, goin’ for gold.

My good buddy Kyle B., with Good Rust, straight out of the East Valley¬†offers some great reggae lyrics and chill music. They’ve been going strong for a few years. They play at quite a few local valley venues and spots. If you ever see they are playing, go check them out.

My buddy Trav-T, from Mesa, AZ, id just starting a duo band with another friend, although he’s been jamming for years. It’s their own style, mixing electronic and soul. He doesn’t have a Facebook fan page or website…yet. He does own a carpet biz, carpetcleaners.me. His music is really unique and his voice is amazing. So keep an ear out from Trav-T, and check him out.

Now for a few pretty famous bands from Arizona.

Jimmy Eat World. Formed in Mesa, Arizona over 20 years ago in 1993. They offer alternative rock/punk style music. It took them about 7-8 years before they really made, and they are still going strong. many of you are probably very familiar with them, especially if you like punk rock.

Gin Blossoms. Straight outta Tempe, AZ, known for their song “Hey Jealousy”, they’ve been around awhile. They formed in 1987….almost 30 years ago! They went through a lot, with lead singer committing suicide, the band breaking up in 1997 and coming together again in 2002 to work on their fourth album. They been through some shit, but they are still going, and very well know. From playing on Mill Avenue, to making it big, these guys are incredible.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Roger Clyne and PH Naffa formed the band in Tempe, AZ in the 90’s. Scott Johnson (with Gin Blossoms) was part of the band during the break up period of the Blossoms. In 2002 he left to rejoin his former band. “RCPM” what they are also known as is an alternative/reggaeish band. Another well known, talented band out of Arizona, they tour all over the nation. Every year they put together their own music festival. The annual show by the Peacemakers is hosted in Rocky Point, Mexico.

These are just a few talents straight out of Arizona. The bands listed are still in action, producing and playing in many places. Many other bands that started in AZ and lasted for years, have since gone on to new things.

Musical talent is everywhere. The industry is a tough one and a changing one. To be going strong today deserves some recognition to both new talent and older talent.

Rock on guys~